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And Now, For The Rest Of The Story

Recently, there have been some false and harmful claims made about the ethics of DOMA Coffee Roasting Company based on our support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

To put things simply, we stand in solidarity with all people of color and support the goal of creating a more just and peaceful world. We proudly support the people and organizations who are fighting to ensure that Black Americans are treated with dignity, respect, and equality. We also support the governmental structures that work within our communities to keep us safe and healthy.

Our company was founded 20 years ago with the goal to do good in the world, and we do that today by supporting many local, regional, and national organizations who work to make the world a better and more just place.

We understand the impact a business can make on its people, its partners, and its community. As a green coffee importer and roaster, we were exposed many years ago to the inequities and mistreatment of coffee farmers throughout the world. We chose to do what was and is right by adopting buying practices that would ensure the coffee we all enjoy came from ethical and sustainable sources. Change can happen when a business operates on a value system that considers people, the planet and profits equally.

The DOMA community is open and inclusive to all.

We believe our differences can fuel our strengths.

We believe that positive and respectful discourse is the groundwork for cultural change.

2020 has made it clear that we must support and love each other on a personal, community, national, and global level.

To learn more about the organizations and causes we support, such as Black Lives Matter, POW (Protect Our Winters), Kootenai Environmental Alliance, Transitions, and more, head over to and read all about it under Our Story.

None of the work we do can be done without our customers. For 20 years you have supported DOMA and we are here because of you. We come to work each day and roast (and drink) coffee for you. We love you.

Let’s all work to show more respect and understanding toward each other.

Peace and love.


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