Community Commitment

We use our business as a vehicle to do good in the world. Our theme for 2020 is “Do What Matters,” and, man, that has turned out to be pretty powerful. Challenging times, indeed. What a great time to bring out the best in all of us. Kinder, gentler, citizens of the planet rather than consumers. A great time to support each other on a community level. Over the years, we’ve made connections to build a culture, grow and support environmental causes, and work together to do good. In 2019 we talked about “Love People, Love the Planet” and in 2020 it’s “Do What Matters.” We’re all for combining the two as we move forward together.
Peace & Love



Protect Our Winters (POW) is an athlete-led community rallying against climate change through research, education, public speaking, and lobbying at our nation’s capital. We help them take action with our DEEP Winter & Summer coffees—$1 from each can of coffee goes to POW so they can fight the good fight.



Cycling is high on the list of things we’re passionate about, so it only made sense to create a DOMA coffee that would support cyclists and teams. After all, a healthy community is a happy one, and it’s pretty hard to frown when you’re riding a bike. La Bicicletta coffee supports Fitzgerald’s Racing Team, a regional cycling team based out of Driggs, Idaho. This coffee has also supported individuals over the years, like Autumn Parham, a 17-year old who qualified for the World Championship in downhill mountain biking and needed help getting there, and Buddy Pegs, an organization (read: a family of three in a van) who toured the U.S. for months on end to get families biking together.



We find nourishment in good literature, so it’s only natural we support our local writing scene. The GetLit! Festival brings talented writers to our area every year for readings and events. One of our favorite events is Pie & Whiskey: we donate the ingredients for Kate’s fresh-baked (spectacular) pies and revel in readings by local authors as we sip on Dry Fly Whiskey. We also roast and label a special GetLit! coffee for the month of April so they can keep bringing back awesome writers.



Maybe it’s natural for a coffee company to support deep thoughts. Each year we help sponsor TEDx Coeur d’Alene, an event that brings speakers and performers to spark new and challenging ideas in our community.



Whether it’s spending a day at the lake or river, shredding the ski hill, or cycling under the pine trees, we love to play in our north Idaho land. That’s why we support the oldest environmental group in Idaho, Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA). We help sponsor the Junk2Funk event, which celebrates making art through upcycling, the Earth Day Gala, and more.



Transitions is hard at work to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in the Spokane area. Part of this process involves skills training, like becoming a barista. DOMA donates coffee to keep these women and coordinators fueled.



We show up to market each Saturday during the season to sell fresh coffee and support our local artisans and farmers. In addition to having a booth, we promote making sustainable choices, like bringing your own bag to market, drinking out of your reusable coffee cup, and using dried pasta instead of plastic stir sticks. Sometimes community is found in the little things, like sharing an awesome coffee, a fresh slice of bread, and homemade cheese and tomatoes.



There’s no excuse for single use these days. At our Coffee Lab, we charge an extra 25-cents for a single-use coffee cup. (Traditional single-uses aren’t recyclable with their plastic liner.)That .25 cents (or lots of .25 cents) gets donated to a worthy cause. We reward people who bring their own mugs with a discount and sell reusable cup brands we love like Joco, MiiR, and Ecoffee.



We donate coffee to the Post Falls Food Bank to stimulate our local community.



We send our employees to SCA training so they can continue the ongoing quest of understanding the art of coffee. Education makes for a well-rounded community.



We’re intentional about the artists we choose to collaborate with at DOMA. We value their work and help promote them on their artist journey.



DOMA partnered with the Spokane Riverkeeper and Dreyer Press to create “GOOD COFFEE”. This was a private label we used as a fundraiser for this local version of the larger Waterkeeper Alliance. As we know, clean water makes good coffee. This coffee helped to keep our rivers clean and our coffee good.


For more information on how we use our business for good and not for evil, email Terry at