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DOMA Coffee Roasting Company
DOMA Coffee Roasting Company
Coffee We don’t shy away from the endless learning, the tough decisions, and the complexities of our industry—it’s what it takes to roast and craft an amazing cup of coffee. We create what we want to drink: high-quality, ethical, small-batch coffee that tastes awesome.
Culture Life without people is pretty boring. We found coffee to be a great way to connect. We use DOMA to expand, create, play, challenge, nurture, and change our community and world culture.
Meaning We try our best to use our business for good and not for evil. We’ve followed that motto for 20 years and we’ve done some pretty cool things for our community and environment. We love people, we love the planet, and we love coffee.


“Fantastic tasting coffee! I try to only drink fair trade coffee. DOMA is now my go to place.”

- Lory Adams

“By far one of the best coffees I’ve had in my life. It was so delicious, customer service was AMAZING.”

- Talia Walsmith