Paying Attention To The Whole Process

It begins with a coffee seed (bean) being planted and nourished to proper health at a shaded nursery. It is then planted on the farm, usually during the wet season. It generally takes 3 to 4 years for coffee plants to bear fruit.

Once the coffee cherries are ripe, harvest season begins.The cherries are hand-picked by workers and then sorted to remove unwanted debris, stones, and twigs. They are then placed in a water tank so that the unripe cherries will float to the top, allowing the workers to remove them from the lot. The cherries are pulped to remove the cherry skin and mucilage, revealing the coffee seed (bean).

From there, the coffee is put into fermentation tanks, breaking down sugars in the leftover mucilage and creating acids that produce flavor characteristics and complexity. The beans are then dried to a moisture content of 10%-12%, either on patios or drum dryers. After being stored for a period of time with the parchment layer still intact, the seeds are sent to the mill for hulling (removing the parchment) and polishing.

After cupping and grading, the coffee is shipped and purchased. It is then roasted to perfection for consuming pleasure. The coffee is packaged to ensure freshness.  It is then ground and brewed using ratios the ensure the highest quality cup. 

Drink up!