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Why Instant Coffee?

Why Instant Coffee?

Because it’s cool. And hot. It’s convenient, chemical-free, and travel-friendly. It’s sleek. And, best of all, it tastes great. Amazing, really. 

We tried a lot of different brands and kept coming back to Swift, the folks we’d eventually collaborate with on our DOMA Instant. I’d never tried the old-school freeze-dried coffee. When I finally caved, I was pleasantly surprised. I tried a handful of coffees and was pretty excited about the possibilities. DOMA sent roasted coffee to a few different companies for samples and patiently waited by the mailbox for their return. In the meantime, I continued to try a wide assortment of instant coffees. Colombia. Guatemala. Burundi. Brazil. Kenya. Blends. Decafs. And here we are.

For our debut into the Instant coffee world, we decided to start with some DOMA favorites: The Chronic, DEEP (Guatemala), Rwanda, Carmela’s, and Jackie Oh Decaf. It’s a pretty stellar line up with something for everyone.

The most surprising thing for me was how well this coffee worked with cold water. Just take a DOMA instant packet, add cold water, and stir. Pretty simple, right? Looking for something a bit fancier and perhaps tastier? Here are a couple recipes that have become my go-to iced coffee beverage drink this summer.


1 x DOMA Instant packet of your choice

Pour contents into your favorite cup or martini shaker

Add 2 ounces of hot water


Add ice

Top with Chobani Oat Milk or if you need a chocolate fix and caffeine, try the Chobani Chocolate Oat Milk for a real treat. Oatly Oat Milk works really well also.

Stir or James Bond it.

Sit back and enjoy.


Now, those possibilities I talked about—take DOMA instant coffee camping or glamping. Hiking. Bikepacking. Skiing. On the water-ing. Hoteling. #vanlifeing. Just in a hurrying. Really, anything. It’s all the art without the grind, and you can have it anywhere (well, anywhere there’s water/liquid). 

The packaging (box) and nifty little freeze-dried packet are compostable and biodegradable. So your footprint stays small while you enjoy on the go-ing.]

If you’re out in the wild, or just stumbling around your kitchen and want to show everyone your favorite picture of DOMA Instant, be sure to hashtag #Instantlyawesome on your ‘gram. Have some fun and creativity with it; best photo wins a box of Instant and a bag of your favorite DOMA coffee.

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