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How La Bicicletta Turns the Wheel in our Community

How La Bicicletta Turns the Wheel in our Community


La Bicicletta—“the bicycle,” in Italian—has always had a place close to our DOMA hearts. We love bikes. We love people. We love people on bikes. This coffee fuels it all.


One third of the profit from our La Bicicletta blend coffee goes to support the following racing teams and cyclists. Because an awesome community starts with people doing awesome things.


Mark Bender/B-Line Racing

Mark Bender was a PNW racer who had a terrible accident. In roughly 30 days, with the help of Jenni Malloy, we were able to raise $10,000 by selling La Bicicletta coffee to donate to Mark. At the time of the injury, he had an active family that included four boys, all of whom raced bikes (including his wife, Sarah). Today, Mark is wheel chair bound. Going from able-bodied to a wheel chair. . . well, his whole life had to be modified. Transportation, housing—everything. Our cycling community really rallied through the sales of La Bici to help cover some of those costs. Mark and Sarah went on to help start Finding HUP, which provides equipment, community support, and positive experiences for people dealing with SCI/ paralysis.


Mark remains involved in the sport he loves through B-Line racing, which La Bici coffee helps support today:


Ella Erickson

Young, talented, and fast. Ella is a 17-year-old downhill mountain bike racer from Hayden, Idaho, who competed in all 8 NW cups, 3 pro-GRTs, nationals and the US Open last season. La Bicicletta coffee helps fund her race travels. Here is her race schedule; It’s pretty amazing and ambitious. She hopes to expand into the international circuit this year. Go Ella!


Buddy Pegs

Scott and Jannine started Fitzgerald’s Bike Shop in Victor/Jackson Hole. They reached out to DOMA years ago for help setting up their coffee bar in the Victor shop. It has been continually ranked as one of the top bike shops in the country. Always committed to the next adventure, they sold the shop, wrote 2 children’s books on cycling, and started Buddy Pegs, a company that teaches the youth around the nation to love cycling. This means they traveled in a van year-round last year with their young son and dog. In 2020 they’re stationed in Bentonville, Arkansas, and continue to spread the good word of biking. 


Fitzgerald’s Racing Team

We mentioned Fitzgerald’s in the last line; Scott and Jannine’s shop is still awesome, with three locations, two coffee bars, and a racing team. We help sponsor the bike team and events/races they put on. and a link to those fantastic events:



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