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FOUNDATION 2022: A Look at What DOMA is Built On

DOMA was created in the year 2000. We’ve been around the block, so to speak, met some great people and coffees, and keep learning every day. The three words below make up the DOMA tagline. You’ll notice them on every bag of DOMA coffee. These ideas guide our business principals and help shape the ever-evolving foundation of our company.

Coffee—It's always been at the heart of things here, which makes sense. We started in a garage roasting small-batch craft coffee. Then we grew and learned and roasted some more. We’re still small-batch, still growing. Always learning. We like to learn because we love really, really good coffee. It’s a science and an art, and both of those are never-ending pursuits. We work hard to source organic, support coffee farmers, maintain transparency and be sustainable. It’s just the right thing to do for people and the planet.

Culture—We think it's a good idea to participate in the community and world around you. Make things better, listen to other people, and do awesome things. It all comes together when you realize the foundation you’ve created is a landing place for others to build and succeed. From cycling to climate change advocacy, our coffee has meaning outside of the cup. We use our business to spark ideas, support artists, and keep our communities and waterways healthy.

Meaning—DOMA is named after our two sons, Dominic and Marco. They’re pretty cool kids, in their 20s now. Our business model follows family and community values in the hopes that when you drink DOMA coffee you’re inspired to spend your time and energy doing something that matters. After all, you’re a part of what gives DOMA meaning.

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