Step One Brew and cool your coffee – freshly brewed is best for this recipe, but you'll need it to cool before you can begin.
Step Two Add ice to your shaker. Pour in vodka, Kahlua, and coffee.
Step Three Shake the shaker vigorously until the outside of the shaker gets frosty, 20-30 seconds. Shaking hard is the key to a frothy foam.
Step Four Strain the beverage from the shaker into a coup or martini glass.
Step Five Top with your preferred garnish (we like to curl a small amount of very dark chocolate on top with a vegetable peeler).
Step Six Serve and enjoy! Cheers!
*To make espresso-strength instant coffee, stir 5g (one packet) of DOMA instant coffee into 2oz lukewarm water until fully dissolved. Use 1oz for this recipe, and reserve the rest.
**To make espresso-strength Aeropress coffee- finely grind 19g DOMA coffee, add this to your preheated and prepped Aeropress, then add 90g of water heated to 205F- stir, insert the plunger but do not plunge. Wait 45 seconds, then begin to depress the plunger slowly. It should take about 25-30 seconds to depress the plunger fully. This will yield about 2.5-3oz of high-strength coffee, akin to espresso. Use 1oz for your cocktail and reserve the rest. Do not hold for more than an hour.