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brown sugar, vanilla, caramel


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Roast Level: 3 (Roast levels are 1–6, with 6 the darkest roast.)

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Not all mornings are smooth. This coffee is.  

Our Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee delivers brown sugar aroma, vanilla-like flavors, and a caramel finish that can turn your day around. It’s a drink for craft coffee and whiskey lovers alike. The whiskey aroma that comes from your cup may even raise a few eyebrows in the office. We think that’s a win, because, what’s life without a little eyebrow-raising?

brown sugar

The coffee: a full natural Brazil

The whiskey: is long gone. But also still around. This zero-alcohol coffee gets its flavor from seasoned whiskey barrels—quality charred oak that once housed delicious whiskey. The barrels come from our friends at Dry Fly Distilling, an amazing company making award-winning whiskey from local grains. We fill the barrels with green coffee beans, wait until they’re happy, then take them out and roast them to perfection. 

Brew this coffee via drip or pour-over for flavor that shines. A splash of cream will add richness and depth (applies to coffee only—sorry). For all our creative thinkers out there, try this coffee as a cold brew. 

Choose Coffee We get it; taste is subjective choosing a coffee is only slightly easier than online dating. We're here to help (on the coffee front). Check out our single-origins and blends, light and dark roasts seasonal brews and more.
Brew Coffee The motion, the sounds, and smells-really, the whole process is a zen like experience we want you to enjoy as much as we do. Brewing and drinking coffee is fun if you have the right stuff. We're happy to share what we've learned so you can enjoy our coffee the way we do.

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