Summer Lovin'

This year’s Summer Lovin’ is a washed process Bourbon varietal coffee from the renowned Abakundakawa Cooperative in the Gakenke District of Northern Rwanda. This coffee delivers a pleasant acidity and a silky body that is perfect for any brewing method. With tasting notes of blackberry, apricot, and nougat, this coffee shines on summer mornings.

With the high elevation and rich soil of the volcanic mountains of Rwanda, the Abakundakawa Co-op produces fruity and flavorful coffees. The Co-op has grown from 180 members to just shy of 2,000 members since its start in 2004. Abakundakawa provides health insurance for its members, has women-centric associations, and is involved in the regional community. They supply the local hospital with fresh, filtered water, give each one of their members a dairy cow as means of food security, and teach women tailoring skills so they can earn an income outside of the coffee industry.

Peace. Love. Organic.