Producing Partner: Peru San Martin + Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This year’s Summer Lovin’ is a smooth blend of Peru and Ethiopia coffees that will help fuel you through the long days of summer. Tasting notes of cinnamon, marionberry, and apple.

The Peru coffee for Summer Lovin’ 2021 hails from the Cafe de la Roca lot in the upper part of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. The Aproeco Co-op sets the standard for this region, with exceptionally balanced coffees marked by sugary, caramel sweetness and ripe, tropical fruit complexity. Over half of the farmers in the Aproeco Co-op are certified organic coffee producers. These farmers have learned to cultivate coffee of impressive quality and complexity to bring attention to previously overlooked areas of Peru.


The Ethiopia coffee for Summer Lovin’ 2021 is a natural processed coffee from Abera Gole of the Halo Bariti Co-op. Abera grows coffee on his 10-acre farm as the main source of income for his family. This is a single-lot coffee dried on raised beds that showcase the beautiful quality of coffee coming from the Gedeo Zone. This small production is given the ultimate care; coffee beans are hand-sorted and floated to remove less dense coffee beans, which are then pampered on carefully constructed drying beds, covered in the afternoons to protect them from the searingly intense midday sun.