Producing Partner: Papua New Guinea - Mt. Hagen

Our current limited release comes from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. This washed process coffee, produced at the Roteps Wet Mill in the Mt. Hagen region, delivers a sweet, full-bodied cup that is well balanced. Try this coffee brewed via pour-over or drip.

Roteps Wet Mill is a large-scale wet mill that lies high in the mountains near the majority of small farm producers in the area. Roteps has a coffee cherry collection team that regularly visits surrounding farms, searching for the finest cherries in the region. Once processed, the parchment is spread out on tarps in large fields to dry, as opposed to the typical patio drying of other origins. This is a common practice in Papua New Guinea.

The Roteps Wet Mill is 100% pre-financed by their producing partner in Papua New Guinea, which allows them to be more selective while choosing cherries and lots, giving DOMA an amazing quality coffee.