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Selling coffee is about so much more than just selling coffee. It's about relationships with our customers and our producers. Rather than slick marketing, we prefer to let our coffees speak for themselves.

There are a few things we find very important: fresh coffee, good equipment, extensive training and passion. We can provide three of those items.


We can't provide this, but we strongly recommend it. Really. Care about what you're doing and do a good job.


We roast every day to order and then ship or deliver. We work hard to provide you with the best, freshest coffee possible.


Direct Trade importer of certified organic tea. Our favorite. Who knew that brewing great tea properly made such a difference. We do.


If your business is focused on coffee, you can't skimp on equipment.  We supply the best brands in the industry...espresso machines, coffee brewers, grinders, water treatment...everything you need to set up a state-of-the-art cafe or drive thru. 


Our coffee lab has a fully equipped cupping lab and training area. Here's where we show you, and your employees, how to prepare great espresso and coffee. This training is required for all DOMA Coffee Roasting Company customers.  


We have extensive experience with all aspects of developing and running a successful coffee program.  We can help with café / coffee bar design, equipment selection, menu development, recipes & ingredients, training and much more.  


DOMA can get your company logo out there with a Private Label.  Strengthen your brand/identity with a custom, private label.  We offer design services, printing and many packaging options.  Stand out from the crowd with your unique packaging. 

If you're interested in the wholesale side of DOMA, give us a call, or e-mail us. We can get together and decide if it's a good fit.


DOMA Coffee Roasting Company | 208-667-1267 | web@DOMACoffee.com

Laura Siemens | Sales Manager 208-446-4978 | laura@DOMACoffee.com