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Dinkalem Ademe
Wush Wush (village), Ginbo (district), Keffa (zone), SNNPR (region)

Roast Level: 2 (Roast levels are 1–6, with 6 the darkest roast.)

Roast Level


This natural process coffee comes from the Wush Wush village in the Keffa zone of Ethiopia, delivering a juicy and well-balanced beverage with a lingering sweet finish.
black cherry

The coffee growers in the Ginbo district are smallholders, also known as garden farmers, as most of them produce coffee in the garden space of their homes or harvest the coffee cherries that occur naturally on the land around them. This land in the southwestern highland of Ethiopia has six months of rainy season and still plenty of rain in the dry season. It is home to approximately 2500 smallholder farmers who bring their harvests to Dinkalem Ademe’s washing station, a sign at the gate announcing Genalem Gewyero (“God is Good”), where he and his wife Sofiya work to bring economic advantages to their friends and neighbors

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